Vets 76 is a nonprofit organization that was created to assist all military veterans. Vets 76 will accomplish this through the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Purpose: To develop awareness among our veterans that they are not alone, that people are willing to listen to them, and that others care about them and their problems. To educate the public about the history, traditions and experiences of the American Veteran.


  • Commitment: To provide a readily accessible network of fellow veterans, willing to be of service to other veterans who have expressed a need for assistance.


  • Responsibility: To provide non-crisis, but still critical and essential information to assist the veteran member to navigate the intricate system of State and Veterans Administration bureaucracy obtain needed and earned benefits for them and their families.


  •  Possibility: To develop among members an awareness of the self-help alternatives that are available to them. We know that Veteran’s needs vary significantly and can change over time; we seek to understand our Veterans and co-create the right support for each Veteran’s development.


  • Support: We recognize that an individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Therefore, we are committed to assisting our fellow veterans and their families, through temporary crisis situations that are a common part of veteran experience.


  • Value: Vets 76 is committed to diversity. Our policy is to continually promote inclusiveness in its board and membership, to reflect the rich diversity that embodies our veteran population. We are committed to treat with the utmost respect all members, and to treat as confidential, all information about our members and their families.