vet76-logo2Vets76 initially was created in 2008 by a several Vietnam Vets who simply wanted to raise money to take other Vietnam Vets to the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C.

In the process of this endeavor it quickly became a realization that there are many Veterans from all wars and all walks of life that needed support. Hence the idea was born to become a non profit organization and expand our abilities to assist any Vet in anyway we can. Began our realization first by obtaining our 501.3c status then getting to work supporting our Vets.


Vets 76 is a non profit 501 3c organization formed by a small group of Vietnam Veterans who originally formed to fund a trip to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. for a larger group of Vietnam Veterans. In doing so it soon became apparent that there were many issues concerning not only Vietnam Veterans but all veterans for all wars that needed addressing. Issues such as PTSD, depression, homelessness, and navigating the maze of VA rules. Hence, the inspiration and the birth of Vets 76 was realized.